Why buy a Remanufactured head?

Not only do we reman cylinder heads, we provide internal engine parts too!

      Cylinder Heads

A remanufactured cylinder head, is a head that has been completly dissasembled, machined and brought back to factory specifications.  All cylinder heads are pressure tested using an AXE pressure testing machine to guarantee a leak-free casting. Valve seats and guides are inspected and installed as needed. Our cylinder head valves are ground/cut to factory specifications and replaced if they are burnt or bent. Using a Serdi seat and guide machine  a three angle valve cut is performed on all cylinder heads. Cylinder heads are resurfaced, reassembled, and painted before shipping.

      Gaskets & Head Bolts

BRE Cylinder Head Division is your one stop shop to get the job done!  When purchaseing a head(s) get the parts needed to do the whole job: headset, head bolts and other internal engine parts.


Recieve 15% of any headset and Head bolt order when purchased with the cylinder head​​

Tip: Most head bolt after 1990 are "stretch" or  torque-to-yeild bolt and can not be reused.


All cylinder heads carry a parts only warranty.


BRE Cylinder Head Division guarantees heads to be free from defects in workmanship and materials 


  • Damage due to overheating, pre-ignition or detonation.

  • Any damage that occurs due to improper installation

  • Any product used for competitive racing or performance enhancements

  • Any product used for commercial, industrial or marine applications

  • Fluids, towing, rentals or diagnosis charges

  • Repairs made without our authorization will void the warranty.


Any head ordered incorrectly by the customer and/or shipped incorrectly by BRE Cylinder Head Division and is installed, is NOT covered under warranty.