From Start... to Finish

Sludge is an engine's worst enemy, but it is no match for engine remanufacturers and automotive machine shops like BRE Cylinder Head Division . At BRE Cylinder Head Division, we take old, neglected cylinder heads and bring them back to life!!


Check out the many step we take to ensure that the cylinder heads we ship are of high quality.

Chrysler cylinder head 2.7L
Axe Cylinder Head Pressure Tester

All cylinder heads are not only magnafluxed (cast iron), but they are pressure tested too using an AXE fully submerging pressure tester.  When the heads are submerged and hooked up to air, it allows our cylinder head specialist to test not only for surface crackes, but internal cracks also.

After being thouroughly cleaned, the guides and seats are checked and replaced as needed. Using a Sredi 60 seat and guide machine, guides and seat can be replaced with percision. All seats are cut on 3 angles.

Sedri Seat and Guide machine
Rottler SF7 resurfacer

Next, the cylinder heads are milled to garuntee a true surface when reinstalled on an engine block.  This mirror like finish is done with a Rottler SF7 resurfacing machine.

New valve stem seals

All the valves are cleaned, cut and replaced if they are burnt of bent.  New valve stem seals are installed & the cylinder head is re-sprung.

Valve spring installation
Free shipping

The head is vaccuum tested to ensure all valves are properly seated in the head. All cylinder heads are painted with a primer, unless otherwise requested by the customer. A heat tab is placed on the cylinder heads. It is then tagged, bagged, boxed and shipped.

heat tab