BRE Cylinder Head Division has been in the engine machining business for over 30 years.  We build and ship cylinder heads nation wide everyday!

A remanufactured cylinder head is one that has been completly dissasembled, machined and brought back to factory specifications.  All cylinder heads are pressure tested using an AXE pressure testing machine to guarantee a leak-free casting. Valve seats and guides are inspected and installed as needed. Our cylinder head valves are ground/cut to factory specifications and replaced if they are burnt or bent. Using a Serdi Seat and Guide machine  a three angle valve cut is performed on all cylinder heads. Cylinder heads are resurfaced, reassembled and painted before shipping.

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e-mail: barnettesengines@gmail.com

About Us


BRE Cylinder Head Division has been doing machine work for customers all over the United States and local area for many years. We proudly stand behind all of our work and take great pride in our work.

All of our work is done in house; nothing is outsourced. We use industry recognized equipment such as Sunnen, Rottler and Peterson to do all of our machine work.


BRE Cylinder Head Division is your one-stop-shop to get the job done.  We can provide you with all the internal engine parts needed to complete your job.  All head sets and bolts purchased with the cylinder head are 15% off too!

Our Heads


​- Completely remanufactured

- Pressure tested

- Magnufluxed

- Milled/Resurfaced

- Polished camshafts

- 3 angle valve job

- New valve stem seals

- Seat and guide replacement

- 15% of all gasket purchases

          (with cylinder head)

- 12 month Warranty